Katarina Gubanova composer pianist berlin

First single: FLOW by Katarina Gubanova

FREE DOWNLOAD : https://misskey.bandcamp.com/track/flow

Berlin-based Ukrainian pianist and composer Katarina Gubanova, after years of metal aggression, started the solo piano project. Just check it out, if you want to feel like black and whites keys turning into rainbow colours inside your head. Relaxed melancholic piano thoughts, stories, Life experience will be brought to life by tender fingers. If you expect to hear a classical sound – then it will be not for you. Here you can find clear naked emotions and passion. Music is the answer. But I have forgotten the question.

http://misskey.rocks/ https://www.facebook.com/misskeypiano/

(c) Katarina Gubanova

Mastered by Audio Labb Studios

Photo by Peter Kladyk