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The piano keys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind

Hi all,

My name’s Katarina Gubanova aka Miss Key and I’m Berlin based pianist and composer.

Happy to see you in my virtual performance place, and I hope you will find something that you like here.

I am a music composer (pianist)  and artist. I have perfect pitch so I have lots of fun listening and playing music. I do my own solo concerts, compose music and participate in partnerships with other musicians. Here you can find some of my work as #LiveKeys – My performances live, #NoteKey – My original music and #FusionKeys – Creative projects in partnership with others.

My recent work includes a couple of experiments of piano instrumental music, solo, violin and other classical instruments. When my fans tell me impressions about my music they say that through my music they can visualize their subtle dreams and fantasies.

The sound of music is something that brings joy into my life. I would be delighted to share it with the others by teaching and helping to convey its beauty.

So, if you are interested in joining my team or have any suggestions for partnering, please contact me.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and German

Any song requests? Or just questions?